Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Sky was Crying: A Deptford Story

Previously at Transpontine we featured a 1978 poster from the Albany in Deptford for a series of Rock Against Racism gigs with artists including Dire Straits, Misty, The Ruts, Patrick Fitzgerald, Menace, The Fabulous Poodles and the Brockley Boogie Band (the poster was designed by Colin Bodiam).

Those nights are the subject of a play being performed by Lewisham College students next Tuesday June 29th. The play is 'The Sky was Crying: A Deptford Story', written by Jon Turner. He helped promote the 1978 gigs as part of Combination theatre company, and performed with his band Rubber Johnny.

The play takes place in the Tressillian theatre at Lewisham College on Lewisham Way at 4 pm and 7 pm, free entry for students and OAPs, £5 for the rest of us.

(for more on 1970s anti-racism see Lewisham '77)

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