Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Saxon Archive

Saxon Studio International have a new website, and it is a goldmine for anyone interested in reggae sound system culture in SE London. We've mentioned Saxon here many times before, not only a globally influential sound system, but a launch pad for the likes of Tippa Irie, Maxi Priest, Asher Senator and Smiley Culture (RIP).

Just reproduced a few vintage flyers for Nights of Cool Raving here from the early 1980s, at various New Cross, Deptford and Brockley locations...

...including the Crypt at St Paul's Church, Deptford in 1983 for a night featuring Saxon, Ghetto Tone (with Leslee Lyrix, later Dr William 'Les' Henry) and Jamdown Rockers - 'Bredren and Sistren, rush de gate, call ya cab and don't be late'.

Loads more flyers at the Saxon archive, from which I have compiled a provisional list of South London venues shaken by the Saxon bass back in the day:

41 Vicarage Grove, SE5 (1982)
34 Lewisham Way (1982)
54 Asylum Road, SE15 (1982)
No 40, Vardon House, Sparta Street, Blackheath Hill (1982)
52 Shell Road (off Loampit Hill), Lewisham (1982)
49 Nunhead Lane, SE15 (1982)
4 Camplin Street, New Cross (1982)
41 Morley Road, SE13 (1982)
Cato Road, Clapham North (1982)
19 Ostade Road, Brixton (1982)
5 Horsford Road, off Brixton Hill (1982)
32 Bonham Road, Brixton (1982)
Railton Youth Centre, Brixton (1982)
3 Addeys House, Douglas Way, Deptford (1982)
Grove Centre, 2 Jews Walk, Sydenham (1982)
Swanage Queen boat party, from Greeenwich Pier (1982)
Moonshot Club, Pagnell Street, Fordham Park, New Cross (1982)
11 Chalsey Road, Brockley SE4 (1982)
149 Breakspears Road, Brockley (1982)
147 John Ruskin Street, Camberwell (1982)
42 Thornham Street, Greenwich (1982)
33 Maxted Road, Peckham (1982)
96 Lakanal, Sceaux Gardens, Dalwood Street, SE5 (1982)
Harmony Hall (aka Club Harmony), Childer Street, Deptford (1982/3)
Temple 62, 62 Railton Road (1983)
78 William Bonnie Estate, Tryagle Point, Clapham (1983)
Eve Pool Club, 13 Upper Brockley Road (1983)
63 Endwell Road, Brockley SE4 (1983)
Peckham Settlement, Goldsmith Road SE15 (1983)
85 Lewisham Way, SE14 (1983)
Riverdale Hall, Lewisham Centre,Rennell Street, SE13 (1983)
Club Dive, New Cross Road (‘next door to the cab place’) (1983)
Notches, 39 Deptford Bridge (no date)
25 Lothian Road (no date)
Lewisham Boys Club (no date)
St Mary’s Youth Centre, Ladywell Road SE13 (no date)

Any memories of these nights or places, plese comment.

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Unknown said...

I remember going dancing in the crypt of St Paul's Deptford possibly 82/3. The speakers of the sound system were huge. When I stood right in front of them I saw my trouser leg moving as if there was a breeze...