Friday, March 23, 2012

Yet more tales from The Crypt

The late 1980s Psychedelic Nites in the Crypt at St Paul's Deptford have been mentioned here before. Here's a few more images from that time and place that I have rounded up:

Here & Now in December 1988 -
incidentally they are playing at The Ivy House SE15 on 4 May 2012

Pink Faries, March 1988 - Larry Wallis from The Pink Fairies
lived for years on the Walworth Road, above the Halifax bank I think
(maybe still does)
The Troggs - presumably of Wild Thing fame

Ozric Tentacles and The Glitterband (what? Gary Glitter's old backing band?)

The Taste Experience - a separate psychedelic club

Magic Mushroom Band in The Crypt

A non-pyschedelic night - Virus on stage at Mortarhate records night
in 1986 (Conflict's record label)

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@rotzie said...

Love it. turn on, tune in... Deptford. Beautiful church, wonderful music. Shame more churches don't open their crypts to positive vibrations! Cool vicar, Queen Mums favourite apparently - not sure if she tuned in.