Saturday, March 17, 2012

Bus Explodes in New Cross

The top of Telegraph Hill was shaken by a loud bang at around 8:15 this morning as a 343 double decker bus caught fire and exploded on Pepys Road. A car parked next to it was also destroyed by fire. The incident happened at the bus stop next to St Catherine's Church, by Haberdasher Aske's school (top site).

Fire engines, police and ambulances were on site, but it seems that nobody was injured. Speculation at the scene was that an electrical fault was to blame, but the fire investigation team is now on site to explore the cause.

(Picture below from Benjamin Ward on Twitter - some more photos and video at Brockley Central and at Demotix)


Bobby said...

While i was on my ps3 this morning i heard a loud bang noise so i looked out the window and smoke was in the sky it was scary

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