Saturday, December 28, 2013

'Jack Rags': a homeless man in Lewisham 1917

'Frederick Mark Burton, the renowned "out-door" resident of Lewisham, commonly known as 'Jack Rags' died January 30th 1917, aged 64 years'. Don't know any more about this character, but the photograph of seems to have been issued as a postcard which pops up from time to time on ebay. 'W F Lucas' was presumably the photographer.



Bill Ellson said...

Frederick Burton died 30 Jan 1917 aged 60 in the Greenwich Union Infirmary of chronic bronchitis. The middle name 'Mark' neither appears in the Infirmary's records or the death registration.

Transpontine said...

Thanks Bill, sounds like that's the same man (given the date of death). Was the Greenwich Union Infirmary what later became St Alfege's Hospital at bottom of Vanbrugh Hill?

Bill Ellson said...

Yes. See: