Wednesday, March 26, 2014

South London Warlords

OK war games aren't really my thing, but I was naturally intrigued by the fact that there exists the excellently named South London Warlords. They say:

'The South London Warlords is a Wargames Club. This means that we meet as a group and play games with - usually - a military, historical or conflict orientated theme. These games are sometimes based on historical events or on fantasy situations. We play them in various different ways... The Warlords cater for all sorts: both traditional wargaming and also the broader horizons of today's hobby.  As with any Club, tastes and fashions change from year to year, depending on what figures are available, what films have recently been released and what books and TV shows are currently in vogue...The Club meets every Monday evening at St. Barnabas Parish Hall in Gilkes Place, Dulwich Village, London between 7:30pm and 11:00pm, with extended Saturday sessions around eight times a year'.

Yes down in Dulwich they are re-enacting/imagining conflicts as diverse as the Vietnam war, war of the Daleks and the invitingly titled 'Star Wars Death Trench Attack'.

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