Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Victorian New Cross Studio Photographs

Some more vintage studio photos from the New Cross area. Frustratingly there is no detail about the subjects, but they tell us plenty about London hair and clothes styles in late Victorian London.

The first  few were taken at R.F. Barnes's studio, Mortham House, Lewisham High Road, New Cross. According to Photo London, the full address was 144 Lewisham High Road, and the studio was opened by Robert Freeman Barnes in 1874. On his death in 1898, he was succeeded by his wife Matilda Sarah Barnes who kept the business going until 1907. So in all likelihood these photos were taken in the late 19th century.

An Indian resident (or visitor) in New Cross (some inconclusive discussion about him here)

The next two portraits of children were taken by A.C. Clements, 'artist and photographer' based at 3 Amersham Road. Albert Charles Clements (1865-1938) ran the studio there from 1887 to 1895.

Finally there's this finely bearded gentleman 'From Kirby's Studios, Peckham and New Cross'. The photographer was Theophilus Claudius Kirby (1829-1907). The Peckham studion was at 85 Hill Street (from 1879 - 1895) and the other studio at 346 New Cross Road  (from 1888 - 1891). So this photograph must have been taken in the 1888-1891 period.

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