Monday, May 22, 2017

Election street art

So far the General Election street art hasn't been too extensive.

I did spot this grime artists/rappers supporting Labour poster under the railway bridge at Brockley cross.

Among those featured is Brockley's own Novelist. Up at the top of Pepys Road SE14 you can still read the 'Novelist - pave the way' graffiti in the road (this photo actually taken last November).

Walking down Nunhead Lane I noticed this Theresa May-mocking 'Strong and stable my arse' poster, one of a number around London. It was revealed today that the artist Jeremy Deller is responsible for them. This particular example was just down the road from where he went to primary school - St John's and St Clements's by Goose Green in East Dulwich.

Update 28 May 2017:

Spotted in Telegraph Hill upper park (Kitto Road SE14) this morning - Theresa May as 'PredaTory'

(just to be clear - it's only one piece, included a few photographs to show scale and also detail - text looks different depending on angle)


Anonymous said...

Editorial policy: - No party politics

It's your blog, but why smother everytrhing (eg non-Labour posters, campaign message etc) that doesn't fit in with your own, extremely left-wing opnions? Even football blogs - with their devotion for club X - acknowledge rivals' achievements, best players etc, no matter how hard to swallow.

You wouldn't make a good journalist.

Transpontine said...

No I have never claimed to be a journalist, but equally haven't used this blog to recommended voting for a particular party. I can truthfully say though that in wandering around Lewisham in the pre-election period I didn't see any posters, stickers, street art etc. for the Conservative Party. Perhaps not surprizing given that in my constituency 77% voted Labour. So frankly the football analogy doesn't really hold, as one team was barely on the pitch. Even a 'good journalist' would have struggled to find much to report on public expressions of support for the Government, I literally didn't see any, did you?

Anonymous said...

Quite right, the post merely records what was out there dispassionately and in that sense represents excellent journalism. Amused by some of the street art we came across (PredaTory being a particular and as it turned out prescient favourite), my daughter and I had a £1 bet or lunch special at Chick Chicken (whichever was cheaper) if either of us could discover a 'Vote Tory' sign anywhere in Lewisham Deptford in the run-up to the election. We looked pretty hard but couldn't find a single one, which I have to say cheered us up greatly.