Monday, December 06, 2004

So Farewell then Pop of the Tops

Pop of the tops started life as an eager, wide-eyed and mildly loopy guitar music club as the much-missed Paradise Bar. It's was loud, it was enthusiastic, it was good.

Then the Paradise Bar was closed down and Pop of the Tops was evicted. The Music Tourist Board still thrives and there's plenty going on in New Cross, as this blog-zine demonstrates but we'll miss the crazed pup that was PotT.

But not with out one final flourish. The Lams, Crash Convention, Nebraska, M.A.S.S., Corporation:Blend, Digital Sneakers are going out with a bang (crash and a wallop) this Thursday, 9th December. Dj-ing is from The Fairies Band, Dirty Sounds and Captain Kev of The Cut Throats is doing MC'ing duties.

The venue is, sadly not the Paradise Bar, I think that’s heading toward bistro-hell for a while, will be Goldsmiths Student Union, Dixon Road, New Cross. It’s £4 / £2 concs and you can get tons more detail

The irony that Top of the Pops, the BBC's wet-brained pop program is being binned at around the same time as this farewell gig hasn't escaped me, either. It’s a pity I’m seeing a
kraut-rock Gamelan band play that night, though but, hey, it’s not everyday that two sets of mates support Lee Renaldo.


Anonymous said...

There's lots more fun to come! Look out for Carl (Fox & Firkin) and friends and Rock N Roll Republic events in March, XXIV Records release I Swear I Was There album, Angular reclaimed The Venue for bands, Ceri Zen is compiling the New Cross Unplugged album, LiveWire are getting Goldsmiths on the tour circuit again, and that's not the half of it, so many bands, media, DJs, clubs and great stuff springing up. The end of Pop Of The Tops is the start of whatever is next. Australia takes up the baton. Fun an revolution take up next year! ooooray!

Anonymous said...

This is GazCloud, PotT regular and sometime DJ/collaborator... PotT is sadly missed as a regular night... anyway, who is this krautrock gamelan band? This sounds a lot like the work of Malcolm, my ex-gamelan teacher and allround good egg. Enjoy!

Scott Wood said...

That's the lad, it's a small world as ever, supporting Sonic Youth's Lee Renaldo no less. Anoher mate of mine is performing under the name of 'Strange Attractor'. He plays what the national grid sounds like over the speaks and mucks about with electricity.

Cool night but I'm sorry I can't be at PotT's.