Thursday, November 17, 2005

The Cuttings Nature Reserve: New Cross

I've just heard that The Cuttings Nature Reserve, Vesta Road, New Cross / Brockley has been proposed as a site for development by a 'neighbour' of the reserve.

This is a green site alive with flors and fauna and I have had many happy hours working there. This is to be opposed from the start (before we have to get the monkey wrenches out) and Rob Whittle, volunteer co-ordinator of the reserve, suggests this:

This is precisely the type of insidious threat that all too familiar to urbangreen spaces and now it has come to ours. The good news is that here issomething we can do about it but it needs doing urgently.

You can voice your disapproval by emailing: and telling them what you think - it doesn't need to be long.

Alternatively you can write to them at the listed address on page 1 of thePDF by completing the form and posting it.

THE IMPORTANT THING IS THAT WE HAVE TO DO THIS BY MONDAY! If you have already responded then many thanks.


Anonymous said...

We should, as a community, value the sites we have which give havens for flora and fauna; and it'll be very helpful to have people do as you say and contact the planners with their views on these and the other proposals that are being consulted on.

If your readers are looking for more information about the proposals that are being consulted on they can find them here (look at the 2 site allocation papers that are on the right).

Anonymous said...

In the papers Andrew Brown links to, Site 35 is the New Cross/Vesta Road reserve; another reserve in Honor Oak is covered in Site 23.