Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Tales of the Fountain

Dave 'Fountain Boy' Fennessy has been in touch having seen our earlier posting about the indie pop club at the Fountain in Deptford Broadway (now Noodle King). It was Dave who put this club on from June 1990 until a year later when, in his own words, he 'completely fell out of love with music'.

The club particularly highlighted bands on Sarah Records, with St.Christopher, the Sea Urchins, Another Sunny Day, Brighter and Heavenly all playing. Dave says that he 'solely supported the anorak scene because they couldn't get gigs anywhere else in London, not even at the Falcon [legendary Camden indie pub]. Bands that nobody liked included Fat Tulips, Strawberry Story, Groove Farm, Thrilled Skinny... I was a big supporter of south London bands but not many fitted the bill - I was keen to keep the music specifically non-rocky and very indie poppy. My fave locals were Screeming Custard who used to pack the place out. We also had Brain of Morbius, Violet Circuit, Moral Panik, Buick Circus Hour'.

Dave is now planning to devote a website to this 'very independent haven for the unloved, the twee, the sick and the ill', doubtless including the night Bob Mortimer stepped in and tried to stop two guys were having a pretend fight. We look forward to it.

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