Saturday, May 20, 2006

Deptford Through the Looking Glass

More stuff happening in SE8 this weekend than I've got time to put down here let alone go to - the full programme is at Made in Deptford.

This afternoon sees 'Deptford Through The Looking Glass' a fashion wonderland in St Pauls Church Yard featuring Rubbish Fairy, Ragz N Bone, Holly Berry aka Reclaim Fashion, Artmongers & Prangsta Costumiers.

Tomorrow (Sunday 3 pm) I am doing my 'Deptford fun city' talk at the Albany, covering the musical history of New Cross and Deptford with sounds and images(admission free). After that I will be hot footing it to the Open Arts Platform at the Old Seager Distillery (opposite Deptford Bridge DLR) where between 4 pm and 12 there will be live music including Klaxons, Man Like Me, The Violets, 586, These New Puritans, Team B & Cleckhudders Fax 'with a support cast of performers, magicians, poets & fools filling the gaps in between' (bargain £1 entrance).


Archeology of the Future said...

Good talk! I had to head off quickly so didn't get a chance to hang around. Also, I was a bit embarrassed because I only had a pound to my name, so I couldn't buy a book.

I used that pound to gain entry to the event at the Old Seagar, and had a wonderful time. Unless I'm mistaken, I saw our host wandering about there too.

A top Sunday all told!

(Did you mention the Desperate Bicycles today? I was fifteen minutes late!)

Transpontine said...

You should have said hello, but it was a wise use of your cash, the Seagar bash was great. As far as I can work out the Desperate Bicycles were actually from East London even though they released the 'New Cross, New Cross' EP. But would like to find out more.

Anonymous said...

I have heard of the Desperate Bicycles. I've had their New Cross, New Cross e.p on 7" for years.
It's not too good, is it?

Anonymous said...

A collector's item to be sure, views might be mixed on the music but they were one of the first bands in that period (1977/78) to do a complete DIY record, pressing up a few hundred copies, sending one to John Peel and becoming legends in the process.

Anonymous said...

Excellent talk and book. Cheers. You mentioned a little-known record shop on the New X Road. Any chance of directions? Also, loved the 'Twee as F' flyer shown in the talk - I'd love the jpg - can you make it available?


Transpontine said...

The 'Twee as Fuck' flyer is on this site in an earlier posting:

Morph records is in the basement of the cafe at 275 New Cross Road (between New X gate station and New X Library),