Saturday, May 20, 2006

Deptford Through the Looking Glass

More stuff happening in SE8 this weekend than I've got time to put down here let alone go to - the full programme is at Made in Deptford.

This afternoon sees 'Deptford Through The Looking Glass' a fashion wonderland in St Pauls Church Yard featuring Rubbish Fairy, Ragz N Bone, Holly Berry aka Reclaim Fashion, Artmongers & Prangsta Costumiers.

Tomorrow (Sunday 3 pm) I am doing my 'Deptford fun city' talk at the Albany, covering the musical history of New Cross and Deptford with sounds and images(admission free). After that I will be hot footing it to the Open Arts Platform at the Old Seager Distillery (opposite Deptford Bridge DLR) where between 4 pm and 12 there will be live music including Klaxons, Man Like Me, The Violets, 586, These New Puritans, Team B & Cleckhudders Fax 'with a support cast of performers, magicians, poets & fools filling the gaps in between' (bargain £1 entrance).


Archeology of the Future said...

Good talk! I had to head off quickly so didn't get a chance to hang around. Also, I was a bit embarrassed because I only had a pound to my name, so I couldn't buy a book.

I used that pound to gain entry to the event at the Old Seagar, and had a wonderful time. Unless I'm mistaken, I saw our host wandering about there too.

A top Sunday all told!

(Did you mention the Desperate Bicycles today? I was fifteen minutes late!)

Neil-NewX said...

You should have said hello, but it was a wise use of your cash, the Seagar bash was great. As far as I can work out the Desperate Bicycles were actually from East London even though they released the 'New Cross, New Cross' EP. But would like to find out more.

Rufus T.Firefly said...

I have heard of the Desperate Bicycles. I've had their New Cross, New Cross e.p on 7" for years.
It's not too good, is it?

Anonymous said...

A collector's item to be sure, views might be mixed on the music but they were one of the first bands in that period (1977/78) to do a complete DIY record, pressing up a few hundred copies, sending one to John Peel and becoming legends in the process.

Rich said...

Excellent talk and book. Cheers. You mentioned a little-known record shop on the New X Road. Any chance of directions? Also, loved the 'Twee as F' flyer shown in the talk - I'd love the jpg - can you make it available?


Neil-NewX said...

The 'Twee as Fuck' flyer is on this site in an earlier posting:

Morph records is in the basement of the cafe at 275 New Cross Road (between New X gate station and New X Library),