Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Nick Nicely

For some time we've been trying to track down an early 1980s psychedelic track called Hilly Fields (1892)by Nick Nicely. In an interview at the time he explained: "Hilly Fields is a large park in South London, close to where I live. It's a beautiful place. And the area where I live still retains a lot of the atmosphere of the 1890s - all late Victorian houses, really wonderful. All the songs I wrote are situated in this part of London, Brockley. And Hilly Fields... I used to go there a lot in various stages of high, stoned, tripping, and that's where the song comes from. It's about someone who goes to hilly Fields and then disappears.... and that someone could very well be me, tripping out".

Now comes the news that on 18th July 2006 there will be a gathering of Nicely enthusiasts at Hilly Fields, possibly even an appearance by the man himself. Further details here

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