Friday, July 07, 2006


A dark (ex) Church, all that is visible are ten glass bowls, each containing an image of the sky. Lift up a bowl and the sounds of the place are triggered, the significance being that each is a location marked by a death. Over the past two years Graeme Miller has visited places around the world where migrants have fallen from aircraft - stowaways who have hidden in the wheel bays of planes, only to fall to their death as the planes approach airports and lower their wheels.

Miller's installation 'Held'is a very powerful work that breaks the silence about the many deaths caused by the efforts of Fortress Europe to deny sanctuary to those fleeing war, persecution and poverty. United Against Racism have tracked more than 7000 such deaths since 1993, including the death of a man who fell from the sky at the Sainsburys in Richmond pictured in one of Miller's images shown above.

'Held' is on until July 16th (Thurs - Sun, 11-5) at Dilston Grove, the former Clare College Mission Church, in the Southwest corner of Southwar Park (see map). Try and get along if you can.

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