Monday, April 23, 2007

Dizzee in Deptford

Dizzee Rascal is of course from East rather than South East London, but nice to read in this interview that his first encounter with Cage (his manager and producer) happened down our way:

"Aged 16, Dizzee came into the studio in Deptford where Cage was recording a vocal hook for the Roll Deep Crew. The track in question, 'Bounce', had been written by flaky E3 magus Wiley - who will crop up again in our story. 'I'd been bothering Wiley for ages, man,' Dizzee remembers. 'He just thought, "Ah - little kid in the area." He probably didn't take me serious, but you come to the point where you stop talking and just do.'

Cage finds the track on his computer, and Dizzee listens with his head in his hands. His voice sounds a little higher than the gruff, charismatic squawk of Maths & English - in fact, it's barely broken - but it's no less menacing. His naivety is only momentarily betrayed by an eager declaration of his willingness to play 'local raves and concert shows'."

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