Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The McClintock Factor

Next week at the Elephant and Castle sees the first screening of a new film 'The McClintock Factor', presented by Films Noirs.

This political satire tells the story of Jeremy McClintock:, 'His tabloid newspaper ran prizes offering 20,000 straydogs, and today, with a controversial career as a roving reporter behind him, Jeremy McClintock is seizing the moment. His new political movement, theRight Path Party, is garnering record approval ratings, and now he hopes a documentary devoted to his life and work will up the ante. Can Jeremy break outof Sappington Bounce and succeed on the road toWestminster? Or will his murky past catch up with him?"

Thursday 17 May, Corsica Studios, Elephant & Castle, SE17. Film screening at 9 pm, approx. 45 minutes long. Bar and music ‘til 1am, free entry. More details at


Anonymous said...

Mcclintock shoots fish so the film can't be that bad

Anonymous said...

you won't catch this guy taking his knickers off and smelling them

Anonymous said...

He wears knickers AND has a thing for monkeys? He sounds like just the sort of guy New Labour should be promoting to its front bench to fluffy up its post-Blair image.