Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Since I joined the ranks of dog walkers I have been spending a lot more time in the top bit of Telegraph Hill Park - for people who don't know this park in New Cross, it is split in two with dogs only allowed in the higher part next to Saint Catherine's Church. I've noticed that there are often people in there at sunset just admiring the view of the sun going down over London. The views definitely rival those from across the river on Primrose Hill.

So I was pleased to see that some people locally are planning an event to celebrate the view from here - Hillaballoo on 21 July. There will be a camera obscura, history talks and various other happenings, with an open invitation to contribute other ideas. See you there?

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Andrew Brown said...

The guy who manages the parks for Lewisham, John Thompson, is a big fan of that view. I remember him telling me about it and about the history of the place (I think it was the point from which Nelson's victory at Trafalgar was telegraphed to central London).