Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Fabric of Society

Fabric of Society is a piece of participatory public artwork facilitated by Artmongers at Café Orange/Telegraph Hill Centre on Kitto Road, New Cross (next to Telegraph Hill Park). To celebrate ts completion there's a picnic on Saturday 8th September, 12 to 3pm.

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Unknown said...

Hey Transpontine people - sorry to spam the blog a little bit but I couldn't see an email for you. I'm running a participatory art project in Brockley where I'm asking people to put in pictures of the local area under monsters, giant ants, zombies and their ilk to be displayed during October at the Broca café. It's called Brockzilla and people have until the end of September to submit pictures. Would it be ok if you helped get the word out a bit? (Oh, and put me on the list of Lewisham bloggers and I'll love you forever!)