Saturday, November 17, 2007

More Cronenberg in Deptford

Following recent post about David Cronenberg's Eastern Promises and its Deptford location, a comment has alerted me to the director's previous film, Spider (with Miranda Rcihardson and Ralph Fiennes). The commenter suggests that the Crown and Spectre in Friendly Street was used as a location in this film.

Confusingly, a detailed article about the production of film states 'As most London pubs have been modernized, finding period ones proved difficult. The Salisbury was found in Haringey, and the other pub, The Dog and Beggar, in Deptford'. I am not aware of any 'Dog and Beggar' pub locally (there is of course 'The Dog and Bell'), so I think this is wrong - the fictional pub in the film is called The Dog and Beggar, I assume that the Crown & Spectre is the actual location, especially as the landlady in the pub says so!

I suppose the only way to be certain is to watch the film and then check out the pub. Any volunteers?

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