Thursday, May 29, 2008

Easycome Acoustic Club

Went along to the Easycome Acoustic Club in Nunhead last night. After years of running at the Ivyhouse it is now firmly established at the Old Nun's Head. Indigo Moss are probably the best known of the numerous acts who have graced the Easycome stage, so it was good to see them back last night with Trevor Moss and Hannah-Lou's lovely folk songs. They played a beautiful version of Crazy Man Michael as an encore.

The club, hosted by Hank Dogs, is on every Wednesday, 8:30 - 12:00 pm. Forthcoming appearances include No Frills Band, Kite Season, & English Martyrs (4th June), Mendicant, UK States, Boycott CocaCola Experience (11th June), Milkwood, Paul the Girl & Woodlarks (18th June) and Hanging Ropes, Lodmouth Soup and Lorcas (25th June).

Here's Indigo Moss's video for their song Dang Nabitt:

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Anonymous said...

Please hank dogs release another album. Even 1/10th as beautiful as Half Smile or Bareback would be astounding