Sunday, September 14, 2008

Oldest graffiti in South London?

Walking through the Cold Blow Lane railway tunnel yesterday I noticed that the graffiti I photographed earlier in the year has been obliterated. As I said at the time, this was a museum of graffiti going back at least 30 years, so it's a shame it has been thoughtlessly painted over.

Let's try and find the oldest graffiti in South London - make sure you photograph any contendors quickly because it might not be there for much longer. So far the Cold Blow Lane 'T.Rex' graffiti is the oldest confirmed, assuming it was contemporary with the band it must have been painted in 1977 at the latest (when the band's singer Marc Bolan was killed), and in all probability in the band's peak period of 1972-73 - making it 35 years old at the point it was painted over.

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Anonymous said...

With all respect i dont think we can be "ambivalent about the heroic role of the British International Brigade"

Having meet many (including Bill Alexander) of them and many of the nurses, I know that while many were Communists they were not Stalinist stooges, indeed a number of them were sympathetic to the Anachist....not so much the Trots

They had little idea (as did the British press) of Stalins excesses

They simply went to defend a democratically elected republic from fascist coup, a coup supported by Churchill, the Catholic church and the right wing, while intresting Ted Heath future Conservative Prime Minister supported the International Brigades

We can not be ambivalent about WW2 because the capitalist got rich, we cannot be ambivalent about the Anti Nazi League because it was set up by the SWP

Ask the Spanish people if they supported the International Brigades !

No Pasaran