Sunday, November 02, 2008

Back at the Monty

Last Tuesday at The Montague Arms in New Cross had a bit of a pre-Halloween feel. Brockley Ukulele Group did a set of seasonal songs, including Werewolves of London, the Time Warp (from Rocky Horror) and Corrosion by The Sisters of Mercy - plus a monster mash up of the Monster Mash, Scooby Doo and several other songs.

I've reviewed The Faction and Cordelia Fellowes & Co. last month, so won't repeat myself here. Still think that we'll soon be saying 'I remember Cordelia Fellowes used to play in New Cross', she has great presence (even in a Halloween outfit) and I've already found myself singing her songs -especially 'You're the best thing that ever happened to me'.

Also playing were The Optics, basically an acoustic guitar wielding singer - he did a good version of Wreckless Eric's The Whole Wide World- accompanied by Katy the tap dancer providing percussive accomponiment. Sounds odd but it worked.

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