Monday, December 07, 2009

New Cross V2 Plaque

A new plaque was unveiled last month (on the 25th November to be precise) to commemorate the 168 people killed when a V2 rocket landed on the Woolworths store in New Cross, 1944. Iceland now stands on the site. Brockley Central and Caroline's Miscellany have both posted recently on the disaster (see also this earlier Transpontine post on associated folklore). This week's News Shopper has a good article on it.

Above the new Lewisham Council plaque you can see the earlier commemorative plaque put up by Deptford History Group in 1994.

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shipwright's palace said...

I think there were 14 U.S Marine deaths in deptford dockyard in WWII July 1944 during a single V-rocket hit to amphibious vehicles moored in the Thames.

take a look.....