Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Some South London Blogs

Still coming across new (to me) South London blogs, here's a few I discovered last night:

I am not a reliable narrator: observations of life from Caroyln, an American living in London (actually been going for a couple of years). Check out her account of a mad journey on the 343 bus from Peckham, during which a man shouted at her 'I wish I could eat all your afterbirths!'. I like her ambivelent take on it: 'Sometimes I hate taking the bus because of people like this, but sometimes I love it all the more'.

Crosswhatfields? is a hyper-local blog mainly for people living in the Crossfields Estate in Deptford, but touching on some wider local issues.

Subterranean Greenwich and Kent - maps, history, photos of places like the Greenwich sand mine and Gregory's Chalk mine in Plumstead.

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ramble said...

thank ya. was looking for more blogs by south london inhabitants