Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Stories and Songs for South London

This is happening on Sunday May 16, 7: 30 pm onwards:

'Stories and Songs for South London at the New Cross Inn SE14: London dreamtime will tell tales of monsters in the Blitz, Nigel of Bermondsey will sing lovely songs including One Eye Grey, This is How it Feels and Maximum Wheelie. Stu will play the dulcimer, Chris will do an acoustic set and Jackie will read her own true story of children on fire from "Smoke" magazine'.

Don't know all these folk, but Nigel has a lovely voice and this sounds right up Transpontine street. £2 in.


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Richard said...

Nigel from berm used to be the bass player in Gay Dad, he is also part of cage & aviary, which for me rock! (try 'Suburban')- and at least one of the songs u mentioned is a cover

Looking forward to it, thank you.