Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Cafe Crema Summer

Cafe Crema (306 New Cross Road) is opening over the summer from Monday to Saturday ,10 am til 6.30 .

On Friday, July 23rd ( 1 to 6 pm) and Saturday 24th (10-6) they are having their annual 'treasure sale... A rather special little market stall selling gems from the Cafe Crema basement...Russian dolls/picture frames/outdoor patio heaters/ books/trinkets jewels and antique cutleryas well as shoes and boots from the 60s and 70s, dresses, hand made velvet lined curtains...semi precious beads.....some things might need a good polish others have already had one...oh yes, and a duck/chicken/rabbit hutch and run, in case any of you were needing one'.

Their next music event is on Saturday 24th July with another New Orleans New Cross piano jam. 8 til late. Free.


Anonymous said...

Can't stomach the place since this:


cpster said...

Me too. Bit like trying to watch old (when they were good ) Mel Gibson movies. Just can't do it.