Monday, January 23, 2012

Music Monday: Jamie N Commons

Jamie N Commons is a singer who sounds a bit like he's from the Southern states of the US, but is actually based in our very own Southern Gothic homeland of New Cross. He was on the Q magazine 'Ones to Watch' in 2012 list, and got a similar treatment in The Guardian: 'Returning to the West Country at 16 with a skewed accent, he taught himself the brass tacks of the guitar and, aged 18, moved to London to study music at Goldsmiths in New Cross, a requisite for any modern musician: recent alumni include singer Katy B and electro-composer, and classmate, James Blake, "Although I didn't really know what he [James] did. It wasn't until the third year that suddenly he was off to meet Universal and it was like, oh." A graduate in the guise of Struwwelpeter, Commons certainly dresses New Cross: plaid shirt, tight-ish black jeans and felt Preacher's hat bought (alarmingly) from TK Maxx: "Not cool, nope, but I lost my other hat*."'

The video for his song The Preacher looks like it was shot in Dungeness, Kent, complete with 'True Blood' references.

* Was that the New Cross TK Maxx? I think we should be told. Anyway it's good to see the New Cross dress code (or one of them) getting national recognition. Hopefully we will see Kate Moss in an advert soon saying 'get the New Cross look'

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