Friday, June 15, 2012

Kit and Cutter Singers Night

Another great night Kit and Cutter night coming up tomorrow, the occasional folk+ night at the Old Nun's Head. Details as follows:

'With a passing nod to the hetroglossic Ulysses, for Bloomsday it will be, this month we have a multiplicity of voices arrayed for your delight. It's singers night, and who could be a more apt guest than a resident of the legendary Singers Club, Co. Monagan's Oliver Mulligan. And in the firm belief that different traditions speak to one another we are looking forward to welcoming African singer and kora player Mosi Conde.

Mosi Conde is a Djeli Deni (young griot) from Guinea Conakry’s leading musical family: Sekouba ‘Diamond Fingers’ Diabate & Mory Kante are his uncles, Sona Diabate the founder of Les Amazones de Guineé is his aunt and friends like Salif Keita and Alpha Blondy have been inspired by Mosi's family. Mosi Conde creates music that excites & delights, his virtuoso skill evident throughout. “We griots are born in music, every family plays together. Music is our life”. With Radio 3 & BBC World Service airplay as well as Colourful, Resonance Fm and Regional BBC, Mosi Conde is making his mark on the vibrant global music scene. And where better to catch him than in our intimate little venue..

Oliver Mulligan is from Co. Monaghan where his style and many of his songs were learned in the 1950s from local and family singers. He attended Fleadh Ceóil sessions throughout Ireland in the 1960s, becoming All-Ireland champion, and adding a wider range of material including Gaelic songs from the West. He now lives in London where he is a veteran of both the Irish community sessions and the traditional clubs and was a resident of Ewan MacColl's Singers Club for ten years.

The Other Singers Not to be a bloody hippy about it, but when we first went to folk clubs we fell in love with how it wasn't like a gig where you just sat and watched the musicians. It seemed to be much more of a communal thing where everyone was involved. Everyone was allowed to give a song or a tune, and when they did it wasn't important how perfect their pitch or whatever was (though more often then not they would turn out to be a wonderful singer) but about the act of someone participating, being part of the dialogue, of allowing something to happen through them that was beyond themselves. It was like Brecht or something, only no one had had to come up with the idea. So to foster this a bit more in our club there will be extra emphasis on floor singers this time round, with more of the evening given over to YOU to add to the general marvellous babble...

K&C SINGERS NIGHT, Saturday 16th June, 7.30pm, Old Nuns Head, SE15 3QQ, £5

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