Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Panel Borders in Brockley

Panel Borders is the comics show on Resonance FM, presented by Alex Fitch. In the recent Brockley Max festival he brought together people involved in comics and living in the Brockley area for a conversation at The Talbot, including:

 - Kieron Gillen (Marvel Comics' Uncanny X-Men - he recently set a Mr Sinister scheme in Greenwich Park);
- Sarah Gordon (The Peckham House for Invalids); 
- Howard Hardiman (Badger, The Lengths); 
- Simone Lia (Fluffy/Please God, find me a husband!); 
- Gary Northfield (Derek the Sheep in the Beano) - children's comic illustrator operating from a studio at the Old Police Station; 
- Woodrow Phoenix (Nelson); 
- Julia Scheele (69 love songs, illustrated).

You can listen to it here, with some interesting reflections on the local area and how people have used SE London scenes in their work. Funnily enough in view of my post last week on Quality Comics/Weird Fantasy Comics in Lewisham Way, some of the panellists mention that place too.  Woodrow Phoenix recalls that his first tips in lettering comics came from Weird Fantasy Comics, from Garry Leach (Warrior/2000 AD etc) who used to live in Crofton Park and now lives in Forest Hill. Alex Fitch chips in 'V for Vendetta originated in New Cross'. 

Woodrow also mentioned another lost local comic shop - Skinny Melinks at 66 Loampit Vale.

Lots more to follow up from this programme, but I was particularly interested to hear about Howard Hardiman and Sarah Gordon's The Cooperage, set in Deptford and Brockley (image below)

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