Monday, November 19, 2012

Music Monday: Koder

This week let's check out Lewisham rapper/grime artist Koder (he's on twitter here).

According to his Reverbnation biog:

'Hailing from Brockley, South London the aspiring rapper has been writing from the age of 13. “Rapping was a way for me to express my feelings about the circumstances of my life, rather than sit and cry I’d grab a pen and paper and start writing, Music became my escape from the world and everything in it”. In the summer of 2007 Koder featured on the popular track Where We Come From by the SE Collective, produced by Flukes of Crazy Cousinz, the infectious track achieved heavy rotation on Channel AKA and received a wealth of positive feedback... Koder continued recording applying the finishing touches to his debut mixtape which was released on 14 April 2010... Koder kept the buzz active with his latest feature on I’m A Star, a catchy grime track which features 13 of the top MCs from across London which included Maxsta, Kozzie, Sickman and Deekay'.

The video for SE Collective's Where We Come From features the Catford cat (pictured below with Doubles), Lewisham police station and the murals by Brockley station.

Koder's AClub freestyle includes the invitation 'Meet me at Brockley Bridge' and confirms if you didn't know it already that 'We've got North, West, East but the party's here in South'

Koders's 2012 SB.TV slot includes the great SE London line 'had her dancing like she was doing Laban' (he does say that doesn't he?).

Also absolutely love this Otis track by Koder with Penelope P (Nadz) - looks like it was flimed on the South Bank:

Sounds so soulful don't you agree?

All of which goes to show, if you didn't already know, that there's some amazing talent and creativity out there on your doorstep.

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