Monday, December 17, 2012

Deptford X Revisited

Hew Locke's Gold Standard was a public art project as part of the 2012 Deptford X festival back in August, displayed on the Old Tidemill school building in Frankham Street SE8. I meant to post about it at the time, but didn't get round to it - so rather belatedly here are some images from it, in the spirit of documenting things I like even if it takes a while!

The images are derived from old share certificates, decorated by the artist with Pan-Africanist and other motifs that pose questions about these imperial enterprises. So the Lion of Judah appears over a certificate for a French-owned Ethiopian railway company.

The Electricity and Ice Supply Company, operating in Egypt, has its certificate redecorated with images of Anubis, the ancient Egyptian god of the dead.


Just. Hangsing said...

Is it still there? It should be kept! Beautiful art work.

Transpontine said...

It was actually pasted on to the wall, rather than painted, so most of it disappeared after a few weeks.