Tuesday, January 01, 2013

New Year's Eve in Telegraph Hill Park

Welcome to 2013, may it be a good one (2012 wasn't all good, as Bob from Brockley reminds us).

I saw in the New Year in Telegraph Hill Park, or to be more precise the top park in Kitto Road SE14. I think it may have been the busiest yet, with hundreds of people celebrating. I think the first big New Year's Eve celebration there was for the Millennium, to greet the year 2000. Since then it has continued as a regular event.  I love the fact that it just happens, no permission is sought, there is no planning or publicity, people just know to head to the top of their nearest hill to watch the fireworks all over London, and let off a few themselves.

On Twitter, NewXParkLife has been documenting a year in the life of Telegraph Hill Park in a 'loosely haiku format'. Here's a few from last night.

From pubs and parties,
streaming in at five to twelve
to greet the New Year

The news of midnight,
exploded across the crowd,
cheering and kissing

Rockets in the sky,
drinking, clinking and sharing,
singing Auld Lang Syne

South London hill top,
watching sparks and fire flash,
from East End to West

I took the photos above, one below is from Glenn Hancock on Twitter via Instagram


Tamsin said...

Found in Telegraph Hill Park after New Year's Eve.

•A brown plastic wood-effect sprung hair-clasp.
•A piece of dangly diamente jewellery - probably a earing, although no hook.
•A "tube" of checked woollen fabric - rather puzzling, too large for a snood and too small for a sarong.

If any are yours get in touch and I can arrange to leave them in the Telegraph Hill Centre for you or something.

Transpontine said...

I noticed walking the dog the next day that the park had been promptly cleared up, so thanks to Tamsin and others who helped.

Tamsin said...

It has its compensations. It was a lovely morning chatting to people (would have been tedious in in the rain) and, apart from the assorted gubbins referred to, there were also seven quite nice glasses to wash and add to my collection, two intact cans of lager, one can of cider and a ten pence piece.

I would simply put in a plea for next year that people pocket the little plastic "egg cups" which party poppers come in. You can't trace your champagne corks in the dark but these stay in your hand so please don't just drop them!