Monday, February 18, 2013

Music Monday: Si Cliff

Brockley based singer/songwriter Si Cliff is launching his debut album 'Memories' this week in New Cross. Si, who studied music at Goldsmiths, recorded most of the album at home - the tracks are largely based around his voice and acoustic guitar, but also feature cello, violin, double bass, flute, drum kit, piano, soprano choir with additional guitars, ukuleles, banjo and other instruments. Two of the tracks were recorded live at the Albany Theatre in Deptford with a horn section and full band, and the gig on Wednesday 20th February at the Amersham Arms will be with a full band and a choir.

There is lots more information on

Here's a short film about the making of the album and featuring Si wandering the green and lovely streets of Crofton Park, as well as on One Tree Hill and (I think) Blythe Hill Fields. You can pick up a copy of the CD for £5 at the Amersham Arms gig on Wednesday - music starts at 8:30 pm, with support including Tom Morley and Steffan Davies.

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