Monday, August 12, 2013

Freshly Packed at Deptford Lounge

Next Saturday 17th August, Something Human present FRESHLY PACKED: EAT TO LIVE  by Peruvian performance artist Lorena Lo Peña at the Deptford Lounge (Giffin Street SE8):

'Eat to Live investigates excess and self-destructive behaviours when the body is used as the main site of punishment. Based on autobiographical experiences, the performance addresses bulimia and binge eating, highlighting how eating disorders are becoming an everyday widespread issue.

Performed in an art venue in Bogota in 2010, the work is an intervention into a completely different context: the communal café/library area on the ground floor of Deptford Lounge.This community hub in the heart of Lewisham will become the stage where passers-by will encounter Lorena’s provocative and engaging performance, where her visceral and disturbing approach will transform her body into the main locus of rejection of contemporary rhetoric about beauty and female roles'

It starts at 12 noon, and will last for 20 minutes.

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