Wednesday, December 04, 2013

South London People's Assembly in New Cross

South London People's Assembly is happening this Saturday at Goldsmiths in New Cross. They say:

'On Saturday 7 December, hundreds of people will attend the ‘South London People's Assembly’ at Goldsmiths' College to discuss alternatives to the government’s austerity programme and a plan of action to oppose it. They will be joined by nationally known speakers including Independent columnist Owen Jones, writer Jack Monroe aka A Girl Called Jack and campaigner-comedian Josie Long.

The event is organised by the ‘South London People's Assembly’ - a movement aiming to bring together all those South Londoners opposed to public spending cuts. Other speakers include leader of the Green Party Natalie Bennett, John McDonnell MP, General Secretary of the Communication Workers’ Union (CWU) Billy Hayes, poet Zita Holbourne, Deputy General Secretary of the NUT Kevin Courtney, Lee Jasper from Black Activists Rising Against Cuts (BARAC), Lindsey German from the Stop the War Coalition and comedian and disability campaigner Francesca Martinez.

The December 7 event includes almost 20 workshop sessions led by leading local campaigners such as Save Lewisham Hospital’s Dr Louise Irvine. The informative and interactive workshops are an opportunity for people to plan and build resistance locally through sessions such as How to save the NHS, Challenging the Austerity Story, The Battle for Education, Alternatives to Austerity, Disability and Resistance, Austerity and Racist Scapegoating and practical sessions on banner-making as well as live performances.

South London People’s Assembly was formed following the inaugural national People’s Assembly Against Austerity in June 2013, an event attended by 4,000 people and sponsored by all the major trade unions alongside community and campaigning groups. Since then local People’s Assemblies have sprung up across Britain and packed meetings have been held in cities like Sheffield, Bristol, Brighton, Newcastle, Nottingham. 800 people attended a People’s Assembly in Manchester.

Lia Korn, Secretary, South London People’s Assembly, said: ‘The government's austerity program is pushing many thousands of people into a life of poverty and suffering. The coalition are deliberately seeking to destroy the welfare state while fostering a culture of blame and division – “skivers versus strivers”.

People are being forced to turn to food banks while welfare is slashed. Young people’s futures are bleaker than ever and the sick and disabled are denied Disability Living Allowance – their means of living a dignified and independent life - by unqualified ATOS employees. Austerity is not making people’s lives better – it’s making things much worse.

It's not right that the poor are having to pay for the financial crisis while the rich continue to get richer - the Tories have reduced the top rate of tax by 10% - yet our political leaders insist on attacking ordinary working people while their spin machine tries to convince us that that this is in the best interests of our country.

The People’s Assembly is saying that enough is enough. If you live in South London, and you're against what this government's doing, please join us at South London People’s Assembly on 7 December. We want it to be your Assembly, so come and make your voice heard.'

South London People's Assembly is on Saturday 7 December, 10am – 5pm at Goldsmiths' College, New Cross. Tickets are available for £5 advance / £10 on the door / Concessions are free (JSA/ESA/Income Support). To buy tickets or for more information see


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