Wednesday, February 12, 2014

'Riots Reframed' - film showing in New Cross

The riots of 2011 were generally presented as simply criminal behaviour by gangs of youths, with no other explanation required. The 1981 riots in Brixton and elsewhere thirty years before were reported in similar terms at the time, but nowadays no historian would deny that they were linked to policing, racism, poverty and other social and political factors. The process of reframing the 2011 riots has already begun, with some of the voices silenced in the post-riot clampdown now being heard.

'Riots reframed' is a documentary directed by Fahim Alam, who spent weeks on remand in prison before being acquitted of charges relating to the 2011 riots in Hackney. On Friday February 28th there will be a free showing of the film at Goldsmiths in New Cross, with a panel including the director as well as Les Back (Goldsmiths), Lez Henry (Nu-Beyond) and Ojeaku Nwabuzo.

It takes place in the New Academic Building - walk all the way through main building and come out the back and the NAB is on the opposite end of the college green. 6:30 pm start. All welcome.

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