Thursday, June 05, 2014

Transpontine Twitter Spam

When archaeologists from distant galaxies sift through the digital debris of 21st century human life will they be able to distinguish genuine communication between sentient beings from the randomly-generated utterances of spambots? Perhaps some of the latter will be hailed as great poets.

One of the things this blog has helped do is to put the word 'transpontine' back into popular circulation, and one consequence of this is that the word has now been harvested by the Spamosphere from where poetic transpontine images freely issue forth. A twitter search on 'transpontine' has generated the following lines for an instant cut up poem - think I will try and put a tune to it! 

Transpontine workers favorable regard australia

Opportunities in place of transpontine slavery open door india

How many for pronounce judgment the lick jobs transpontine?

Transpontine informational consultants hyderabad marionette consultants

Maryland normalness theft insurance plans all for transpontine students:

a freehold is a lumbago: adherent, but not transpontine

Latch points therewith transpontine buggy transportation

fantasying among singapore - straight a in hand quietus in lieu of transpontine illumination

Lock out points referring to transpontine waggon lugging


Aridtrax said...

interesting blog post from Steve Shaviro on spam and aliens here:

Transpontine said...

Good link - though I was a little disappointed it wasn't spam!