Thursday, January 28, 2016

Trelawney album launch at Montague Arms

'Imagine Scott Walker fronting The Associates and then covering David Bowie’s Cat People, but straight outta  Kernow' (The West Briton)

South London's number one Cornish band Trelawney have been featured at Transpontine before - their song Beast of Blackheath is partly a reference to the crushing of the 1497 Cornish revolt which came to a bloody end in a battle at Deptford Bridge after camping out on the heath.

The band, who hail from Cornwall but now mostly live around New Cross/Brockley and surrounds, have a new album out tomorrow and will be launching it on Saturday 30th January  at the Montague Arms

The album is entitled United Downs. Ben Trelawney, speaking about the album said, “It’s named after a neighbouring village to where I grew up in Cornwall. It used to be a tin mine, or copper mine, I forget, but since I was a child it was the local rubbish dump. This for me conjures up the mood of the album, and the Cornwall that I grew up in. Remnants of its industrial heyday surround you, you can’t escape them. But it’s bleak, it’s run down, and there’s a real beauty in that.”

Trelawney launch United Downs at the Montague Arms, 289 Queens Road, SE15  on 30 January. Doors at 7pm, tickets on the door. Support: Fake Teak

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