Monday, July 10, 2017

Music Monday - Tom Misch - South of the River

Tom Misch has a new single and it is a proper transpontine neo-soul anthem entitled South of the River. It has a bit of a disco feel to it including a nice violin line from Tobie Tripp as a one man Philly string section and a fusiony keyboard solo from Rob Araujo (which put me in mind of Joey Negro's Universe of Love)

The East Dulwich multi-instrumentalist and producer is definitely going places, headling venues like Somerset House when he hasn't even released a full album yet. Tom Misch has though put out lots of great material on his soundcloud site, collaborating with artists including Loyle Carner and Carmody. If you like this track check out his 'Beat Tape 2' and more recent 'Revere' EP.

Update 24 August 2017

There's a great video for this song now, stcitched together from clips made by Misch enthusiasts from around the world. The Catford cat gets a look in...

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RickB said...

Getting a bit of Shuggie Otis, dunno why. Nice.