Thursday, January 25, 2018

Aladdin's Cave demolition threat

From the Murky Depths reports that a planning application has been submitted to build flats on the site of the Aladdin's Cave' second hand shop.  (72 Loampit Hill SE13).

The streetscape would never be the same without its assortment of statues and furniture, but the locally-listed building is a rare slice of vanishing  railway history. It was once a railway station on the lost Greenwich Park line (1871-1917) which ran between Nunhead and Greenwich Park, via Lewisham Road and Blackheath Hill.

View from the railway line, from Abandoned Stations (2003)

Image of proposed flats

You can read the planning application here. The Heritage statement has lots of information about the history of the site, even if this developer funded document unsurprizingly concludes that there's nothing worth saving...

[insert your own rant about blandification of London and the squeezing out of quirky,  'marginal' spaces by identikit developments]


Anonymous said...

I heard that Aladdin's Cave is shutting down anyway so it's not like they're being forced out. There's nothing worth saving, but clearly nothing worth buying either!

Ian richardson said...

It's all kicked off again, The developers have just put in another application to increase the size of the site.
The new development is not only pig ugly, but will impact a mature treeline copse contiguous with Brookmill Nature reserve. The reserve is 50 metres away.
Planning ref DC/19/112066

Unknown said...

Hi everyone, just wanted to update everyone on the current situation with Aladdins Cave, we are trying to save the old Lewisham train station opened in 1817 a part of History that would otherwise be LOST forever in response to the comment put regarding nothing to save. Its a part of History that should be saved. Or lost to Developers and replaced with new build flats