Sunday, April 29, 2018

In praise of Uncle Wrinkle

It's very easy to take for granted places you pass every day, so I want to give some appreciation to a Chinese takeaway that has been in New Cross for as long as I have - Uncle Wrinkle at 299 New Cross Road SE14 since 1995.

As a vegetarian, the great thing about Uncle Wrinkle is that it offers its full range of main dishes -all 19 of them - with bean curd or mixed vegetables, as well as beef, pork, chicken, squid or prawn. Uncle Wrinkle doesn't deliver at present, so if you want to sample its delights you will have to collect.

Oops didn't take a picture of the other page of the menu, which includes my favourite 'Aubergine in Lemon Grass Sauce'.

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Anonymous said...

I am glad someone took the time to review Uncle Wrinkle. The quality of their food is always excellent, no defrosted-refrosted-defrosted-refrosted chickken or duck there, unlike a couple other nearby places!
As you say, they also ALWAYS have provided vegetarian versions of all their meals!
Veggies are always fresh and the staff, although not very talkative, are always friendly and welcoming.
I went by this week and saw it closed - I hope it is only for a well-deserved holiday and not because of dwindling custom. I am sure they have suffered from the increasing numbers of take aways and probably also from the fact that the poor quality of some other local chinese have put off some...
It is funny how people talk a lot of 'community' it always need to be some trendy, hip, artsy fartsy bull.... I don't mean Transpontine, but I saw recently an invite to 'meet the community in Deptford' on a Sunday, as there would be a second hand market.... just not called a second hand market, just a poshed up and repackaged as a 'bootless boot fair'.... it just got me a little annoyed!
The daughter of the Uncle Wrinkle duo, is also an accomplished potter, there is a display of some of her work at the back... But I guess because they remain humble, Uncle Wrinkle is not part of the in crowd... it'd be nice if more local people supported their local businesses (as you say, we often tend to take for granted the stuff we walk by every day, it's only when it's gone that we realise how much we miss them!) instead of being taken in by the gentrified hype, who is here today but will be gone tomorrow no doubt!