Saturday, October 01, 2022

Enough is Enough

In our latest round up of radical messaging from the streets of SE London it's no surprize to see the cost of living crisis taking centre stage.

'Don't Pay' stickers and posters have been ubiquitous recently, as the movement to encourage people who can't/won't pay their rocketing energy bills steps up. 

Don't pay poster in Catford shopping centre

Don't pay sticker in SE14

As part of a national day of action on October 1st (a day also marked by rail and post office strikes), Don't Pay Lewisham organised a burning of energy bills by Lewisham Town Hall in Catford:

'Trickle down is a lie, profits rise while people die'

The tax cuts for the wealthy mini-budget in September has also prompted opposition from local cats..

'F**k the fat cats', phone box in Jerningham Road SE14

'Liz Truss - tax cats for the fat cats' in New Cross

'Liz Truss wants the poor to pay'

'say no to Tory tax cuts' - Wonder if Liz Truss will notice this road sign on New Cross Road on her way from Greenwich to Westminster?
(interesting use of vinyl lettering and cat cut outs)

'Billions wasted on inadequate ppe contracts and track and trace to his mates, an insulting 3% rise to NHS staff' (posters in Brockley seemingly dating from the Boris Johnson days)

'Enough is Enough - General Strike Now' - on Bermondsey Cycleway 10

Of course the climate crisis isn't going away either - an upside down Penelope Cruz seems to be lending her head to 'Just Stop Oil' thanks to this poster on film poster montage in Queens Road, Peckham.

The far right might be on the rise in many parts of the world. but London Anti Fascist Assembly are on alert in SE14:

Update 12 November 2022:

A new Prime Minister but not much else has changed. The New Cross Road sign has been through several iterations with its ongoing commentary on the political landscape. Latest is 'General Election Now' ('Rishi Sunak has too much money' underneath in smaller lettering).

'Tax the rich' outside Goldsmiths

'the Tories are dismantling the NHS'

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