Friday, November 09, 2012

Florence back at the Rivoli

Back in July 2009, the launch party for Florence and the Machine's debut album took place at the Rivoli Ballroom in Crofton Park. Last night Florence returned to the Rivoli for a special concert for BBC Radio 2.

As Brockley Central reports, during the course of the gig Florence sings the praises of Brockley Cemetery: 'It's so wonderful to be home - and here of all places... It is such a pleasure to be back at the Rivoli Ballrooms and also just to be back in Brockley. I actually spent quite a large bit of time here at one point, 'cause I was having music lessons here and I used to hang out in the graveyard. And actually, strangely a small bit of inspiration came from that graveyard 'cause I did used to do handstands and hang out there. And if anyone knows the lyrics to Only For a Night - a small portion of it comes from Brockley Cemetery. That and other cemeteries across England...  But we've been home not for that long and actually driving through South London, just kind of... it's been really... South London, yes!'.

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