Monday, November 26, 2012

Music Monday: Triad God, NXB

This week, Vietnamese-Chinese rap from New Cross courtesy of Triad God. Vinh Ngan was born in Vietnam and raised in South East London. He put out a mix tape earlier in the year, mixed by Palmistry, and it has now been remastered and released by hip US label Hippos in Tanks.

Entitled 'NXB' (which apparently stands for New Cross Boys) the sound has been described by The Quietus as 'delicate Sino-grime style melodies with hip-hop leaning percussion, sub-bass and the sort of rain-soaked synths that have become something of a Hippos In Tanks trademark'. FACT magazine have described it as 'some of the most heady, wonderfully oblique music of year'.

The inspiration for NXB has been described by Vinh as 'South London New Cross, Peckham, China Town / Bar / Club / Casino / Temple/ 2pac & Edison Chen'.

Here's a mix Triad God did for SSENSE,combining Cantonsese rhymes with Chinese film and pop samples:

(thanks to Murray W for the tip)

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