Friday, May 13, 2005

End of an Tasty Era

Many eras have ended recently, the John Peel era, the Arthur Miller era and, more happily, the "Doctor Who not being on" era.

Another sad one hit me last night when, tired and uninspired, I rang the Raj Bhojan for my dinner. After dithering over two of the veggie Balti's, the fruit, lemon juice and nut Nobrathon Balti Whala and the chick-peas in spicy sauce Kubli Balti Whala I settled on the zingy delights on the former.

Dinner arrived, along with two more onion bhaji's than I'd paid for and a complementary bottle of Cobra and the chirpy delivery chap handed me, as casual as anything "Our new menu".

And gone was the Nobrathon Balti Whala, gone the Kubli Balti Whala, gone too were the other veggie Balti's I never, in my lack of foresight, got to try. Not potato balti, alas, no cheese balti. The change was immediate. What should have been a tasty treat of a Nobrathon was an passable vegetable curry. Luckily we’d gone for side orders and the saag bhaji was up to its usual standards.

I am thinking of handing in my Raj Bhojan 25% eating in discount card in protest. I need tasty curry and I need it as near as possible. Ideally within lunging distance of a decent pub, I need suggests, my fellow Transpontinians and I need them before my next curry craving comes. Otherwise, this could escalate to a level the like of which hasn’t been seen since Chinese Takeaway to the gods Uncle Wrinkle close for a few months.



mcnaughty said...

That is genuine loss!

Anonymous said...

its under "new management"
and the food is pretty uninspiring now .
im trying to find out where the previous owners have gone..and where they have gone..i shall follow!