Thursday, May 19, 2005

Find the Lost Club

New Cross musical and performance art group The Lost Club will be bringing their "rolling revue of poetry and music" to Cycliart, 308 New Cross Road, New Cross on Saturday 21st May. Start 8pm until late, £3 or £2.50 with a spiffy Lost Club badge.
Along with their house-band The Dirty Pins, No Star Hotel and Spawn of Maus* will be playing to the New Cross masses with Jukebox Jo spinning the discs.
LEft out of New Cross Gate, cross the road, right out of New Cross, corss the road. Buses: 36,436,53,178.
*Speaking of bands with odd names, not that there's anything wrong with Spawn of Maus, I couldn't help but notice there's a band called 'Chickenhawk' playing the Amersham Arms at some Rock night soon. If you're interested, be careful about doing a web search on the name, it's equivalent would be an American band playing somewhere on the edges of LA or New York called “Kiddie Fiddler” or “Nonce”. Very funny.

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Anonymous said...

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Chickenhawk is a colloquial term having three different meanings:

Chickenhawk: a political epithet applied to those who vote for a war, support a war, command a war, or develop war policy, but who have not personally served in the military.

Chickenhawk: formerly the name of two species of hawk known to prey on barnyard fowl - the Red-tailed Hawk and the Cooper's Hawk.

Chickenhawk: Gay slang for a man attracted to, or seeking, much younger men such as twinks.

Sometimes words can have more than one meaning, sometimes they are just words.

Very funny.