Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Camberwell Now! (well, this Friday..)

A whole host of SE London alternative music types are performing on Friday 17th in what is described as "A one off contemporary music performance using a wide range of diciplines and attitudes in surprising and unusual contexts"

The Line Up includes ex This Heat drummer/vocalist Charles Hayward, Sean O Hagan (of the lovely High Llamas and sometime keyboard and brass arranger for Stereolab), Harry Beckett (venerable Brit-Jazz trumpeter), Pat Thomas (wild man of piano and cheap electronics), John Edwards (omni-present double bassist), Sharon Gal (vocalist with No Wave noise trio Voltage), Rob Mills, Ashleigh Marsh, Nick Doyne Ditmas and Cornetto. There's also digital projections by Scopac (who's really known as Rob Flint and is a member of SE London based audio visual ensemble Ticklish).

I happen to know this lot have been practicing hard- so it won't just be an improv/noise explosion but possibly more along the lines of Charles Hayward's fondly remembered "Accidents and Emergencies" interventions.

7.30 - 10.30 PM,
Lecture Hall,
Wilson Road SE5
Tickets £5/£3.50 concessions.

as a curious side note- the organiser of this event is Martyn Simpson who works at the college. Some 22 years earlier, and 250 miles North, Martyn was the lead guitarist in my indie post-punk band "The Euphoria Case"....

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Anonymous said...

I took this picture. That's Richard Sanderson on the left, Martyn Simpson on the right. The gig was upstairs at "The Albert" pub in Boro, near the station viaduct.


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