Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Help required for local festival

Help is required for some of the nights of the Brockley Max festival, which is in full-cry at present, check out the me at or Moira (the grande-fromage of the festival).
The line-up for the closing night is:

Comedienne Charmain Hughes has been shocking, charming and winning audiences with visual puns and verbal slapstick. Mixing sharp observation with joyful flights of fancy of surrealism - this is comedy with heart.Chris Lynam the infamous iconoclastic clown and unstoppable titan of humour with the multi-faceted operatic diva Kate McKenzie in Eric The Fred.
SOAN ALONE Martin Soan, Time Out comedy award winner 1991, reveals characters from history, literature, the world of the unknown and some that are not known at all, places, objects and an array of various animals. Sometimes it’s surreal, sometimes it’s just silly; colour, mood and music all coming together at an alarming rate to leave you feeling “What’s coming next?”.
Also Ska Daddy – Who’s the Daddy”, a dynamic mix of imaginative retakes of classic ska standards with contemporary material - to end the festival with as bang. Also raffle prize draw. (advance tickets from Moonbow Jakes and Toad’s Mouth Too)
Joining in is fun and rewarding and you could make friends.

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