Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Hannah Baneth

Bob from Brockley notes the passing of Hannah Baneth, post-war Jewish refugee and Deptford housing activist, among other things.

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MattScott133 said...

I worked with Hannah in recent years in relation to the tenants movement and neighbourhood renewal agenda. I am a community development worker at Lewisham Community Network. I fondly remember her good humour combined with a scathing lack of patience with partnership 'humbug'. She always got straight to the point and would not be put off. She was very courageous as a community activist and that level of tenacity and dedication is extremely rare. Nowadays the voluntary sector and community politics is very bland and especially in Lewisham, the political culture tends to be one of control rather than open debate. Right now I am finishing of an MA at Goldsmiths College and my final chosen essay is on 'How have Council Tenants expereinced New Labour's Urban Renaissance - with special reference to the London Borough of Lewisham'. I'll be thinking of Hannah as I do it.

Matt Scott