Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Back to 1995

As a compulsive hoarder of flyers and other ephemera from many years of parties, gigs and rampages through the streets, it is gratifying to have finally found a use for them in the last couple of years since I got my scanner working - yes, posting them on sites for other obsessives to go, wow, that was quite a night etc. etc.

I've just posted a mid-1990s batch over at Urban75 in their Lost Squats of Brixton section, including some from the legendary Cool Tan parties in the former dole office on Colharbour Lane and one from the Bar Sate industrial night at 121 anarchist centre on Railton Road.

I've also been sticking up photoes at UK Decay, an absolute treasure trove for anybody interested in punk rock in Luton (mainly ex-Luton punks like myself).

Flyer for a 1995 party at Cool Tan in Brixton, featuring Luton-based free party drum'n'bassheads Exodus Collective. I recall that Luton electronica outfit Click Click played that night. This is a real period piece with a reference to the recently passed Criminal Justice Act (clamping down on raves) and 'cold taps turned on' referring to unscrupulous clubowners trying to force e'd up dancers to buy water from the bar by turning off the taps in the toilets.


ukdecay said...

It was fellow Luton band 'The Big I' and not 'Click Click' that played that night with the Exodus Sound System. 'The Big I' however, did comprised of Derek.E. Smith & G.R.Stronach (ex Click Click) and myself, S. Spon (ex UK Decay).
The night was a triumphant 'Luton hits Brixton' in the style only Lutonian's-know-how-to-do, lasting well beyond the schedulled end-time deep into the next day!

Anonymous said...

I remember that night very vividly. Ah, the memories.

Transpontine said...

Thanks Spon for the correction, its all falling into place now. I used to work with Graham Stronach on an archaelogy community programme at Ashridge, whatever happened to him?

Bob, I can't help thinking our paths have crossed a number of times, we will have to compare notes at some point.

PCR said...

Oooh, them were the dayz. I was very much fascinated by Graham in the early 90s. We were sort of soul mates for a while. I used to stay in their manky house in Luton some weekends and would LOVE to be able to contact him now we are all old and past it. Any ideas where to find him?